Broken record

Coats, coats, coats, coats…

I’ve been window shopping again. Despite having nowhere near enough money to buy one.
(Look out ebay – I’m-a-selling!)

This one’s nice:

Reiss Angel Seamed Fit ‘n’ Flare coat: £325

Even post-ebay fun I think she’s just a little beyond my means though. As is this utter beauty:

Full circle Wool Mix Smart Button Down Long coat: £220

Both offer a decent idea of what I’m looking for in a coat. Quality wool (warmer than cheapy coats), fitted around the waist but slightly flared in the skirt to accomodate my fuller dresses, and falling below the knee. Of course this one is my favourite.

Laura Ashley blue shawl collar coat: £160

I still preferred it in purple… but could maybe get on board with the blue if it were to, say, come down in the sale…

By the way, I emailed Laura Ashley and told them about my poor lost coat, asking whether there is an outlet at which they sell old sale stock, or what happens to it if not. I confess, I was hoping they’d check and see if they had one they could sell on to me… They answered that old sale stock goes back to warehouse and is sent out to stores when the next sale rolls around. So, when the Laura Ashley sale kicks in around Christmas, don’t be surprised if I start inundating you with posts begging you to nip into your local Laura Ashley whenever you pass by, just to double check…


3 thoughts on “Broken record

  1. I want the coat in the peacock!!!! She soooooo pretty. Will bob into the outlet here on the way home, just in case but I can’t promise it will be fruitful.


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