Browsing boots

Do you remember just how badly I wanted a pair of Louboutin’s Ronfifi Alta 100 button boots? Well, I’d still kill for a pair now. But, while browsing this week I spotted a pair that would make a grand substitute, for less than one fifth of the cost…

Marta Jonsson Lace Up knee boots: £199

Ok, so they’re missing the buttons, but they have done a cheeky replics red sole. And more importantly, they look infinitely more comfortable than any of the straight out “replicas” I’ve seen lately.

While I was visiting, I thought I may as well indulge my other shoe-related desire this season, a pair of brown knee boots to really set off my green cape coat. And I can’t help but think these are the prettiest around!

Moda in Pelle Singh Ladies Boots: £139

I love the colour, the buttons (notice a theme?) and the faux-spatz effect! I used to be in love with every pair of shoes in Moda in Pelle in Newcastle, and can see they haven’t lost their unique style. Now, if I could just win Wednesday’s lottery…


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