My colleague Alice and I have now pretty much perfected the drive-by compliment exchange. We approach one another on a busy working day, each appraising  the other’s outfits from a distance. As we pass we smile, barely pausing long enough to offer a bitesize nugget of appreciation:

“Nice skirt.”

“Nice dress!”

We’re expert at this sort of an exchange.

Another colleague once asked whether I tire of being told that I look nice. I’m not sure it’s possible to tire of praise – most females I know are such fragile beings that constant reassurance is practically a necessity… And it is always pleasant to be rewarded when one has put in effort!


2 thoughts on “Exchanges

  1. There’s a girl who works in my office who always likes to tell people how good they look, or that she likes their hair/dress/bag/shoes (delete as appropriate) and I have to say, if you’re having an off day it really does pick you up. Long live praise I say!

    • I think it makes the world of difference to have even just one compliment sent your way on a bad Monday morning, for example… I try to compliment people rather than just thinking to myself, “Ooh, she looks nice!”

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