There’s a girl on my bus (I wonder how many times now I’ve begun a blog post with those words?) whose style I can’t quite figure out. She has a particular tweed pencil skirt that I really want to love. It does amazing things to her (very beautiful, peach-like) bottom, shows off her flat stomach and tiny ankles… She wears it with a fitted, cropped, knaki-beige jacket, which works perfectly, and red shoes. She favours brown, ribbed tights, which also kinda work, though I think they break up the flow a little – they’d work with brown shoes or boots, but with the red they’re just not quite right…

What bothers me, though, is actually the slit in her pencil skirt. It goes right up to her crotch – without actually revealing anything – in a wide, pulled V. In every other way the skirt looks a perfect fit, but this wide V shape makes it look just a little bit too small.

My quandary is this: do I befriend her (I see her most mornings I take public transport) and tell her? If I saw a girl with her skirt tucked in her knickers* or her label or bra sticking out above her top I’d tell her without hesitation, but this is just a bit more personal somehow. All I think is, does she have no-one to tell her – no fella (although he could a) be oblivious or b) rather like the suggestive element!), no friends to warn her how close she is to humiliation? I would hope someone would tell me if I were in her place.

For the record, the skirt is too perfect a fit to suggest she stop wearing it – I would just recommend inserting a contrasting triangle into the void, perhaps making a sort of fishtail feature of it.

*This just reminded  me of a funny incident I was witness to in the station bathroom last Friday. A young teenybopper of a lass came out of a cubicle and went to wash her hands. A kindly older lady approached her and said “Sorry, love, just wanted to say – you might want to watch your skirt, it’s all a bit tucked up…”

I felt so sorry when the girl turned a venomous look on her and stalked off, her bubble-hemmed mini skirt rustling precariously close to her knickerline, exactly as designed!


2 thoughts on “Quandary

  1. Hmm. It’s a tough one. I have a real, real bugbear about ill fitting clothes – whatever the flaw may be – as it makes things look cheap without even trying to be. I’m fortunate to have both a Mum and a Hub that would tell me without hesitation if something I was wearing looked hellish, and I’m aware I’m very fortunate in this!

    The thing is, it’s a bit like telling someone they really hum. Impossible to do without causing a decent amount of offence, I think. I suppose the thing is – maybe she wants the slit there? She might like the idea of nigh on exposing herself – christ, I think most of the female population feel that way considering the lack of clothing I see on the girls out on Friday nights – and enjoys the contrast between the prim tweed and skin?

    If your skirt is tucked into your knickers, you would absolutely want someone to tell you. However, ill fitting clothing, or a flaw in the design….hard to point out without sounding harsh, and if she knows but hasn’t done anything about it, what would you say?!

    Well, I bet you’re thrilled I responded to this then! Sorry….

  2. I would say no no no – something like that from someone you don’t know really well could be really crushing (imagine if she hears ‘that skirt is too small for you’ – or rather, ‘you’re too big for your skirt’)

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