Third time lucky…

Yup, I am that stubborn…

Not to be defeated, I made a third attempt at jelly. On Saturday, a walk down the lanes to the local village shop unveiled a late glut of fruit in the hedgerows. Having brought a bag “just in case” I was quickly able to fill it with blackberries, elderberries, wild damsons and a few sloes (I left the majority for after the frost). Back at the hall, Dapper’s mum supplemented my haul with the last of the raspberries, and back at my flat on Sunday night I also added the sloes I had retained from last year’s sloe gin – probably more alcoholic than fruity, but nevermind…

This time I checked for set entirely by eye. I took it off the boil as soon as it began to wrinkle visibly on the saucer. And having poured it into jars and allowed to cool, I tipped it slightly to one side, only to be disappointed when it appeared to run. I had made more syrup.

Or had I??

This evening I checked it again, only to find it had, in fact, set!

So, having made accidental syrup from the elderberries and accidental damson cheese (or damson treacle!) from the damsons, I finally succeeded at jelly! Yay me!

Next up: sloe gin! I know I can get that one right – last year’s batch was delicious!


3 thoughts on “Third time lucky…

  1. Well done!

    I never got any Sloes in the end, couldn’t find any and was limited by the lack of driving skills… so if you find any more around the area and fancy picking them for me, I will love you forever!


  2. Sounds good – wish I’d thought of using my sloes in that way when I bottled my gin- I just threw them away! They had been in the jar for 2 years though so maybe there would have been no flavour left in them now 😉 xxx

  3. This might be a bit useless now you’ve managed it, but I forgot to pass a message onto you from my mum about jam actually! We were chatting about the issues with making sure jam sets and I mentioned that a friend of mine was having problems, so she gave me a tip that she says never fails her…

    1 – Put a teaspoonful of jam onto a cold plate and let it cool
    2 – Push it with your finger
    3 – If the surface wrinkles, setting point has been reached

    Congrats on on the jelly & good luck with the sloe gin!

    Zoe x

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