Another lovely weekend, this time based at my little abode! For those of you who’re unaware, I live in an absolute matchbox of a flat – seriously, if you connect the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen or bedroom, you can hoover the entire flat without even using the full extension lead… For this reason, we tend to favour the comfort of Dapper’s little house over mine most weekends. But this weekend I had the gorgeous Kate‘s baby shower to attend (a delightful way to spend the afternoon, with tea and cake a much fun gaming!), so using mine as a base was far more logical.

I had mentioned earlier in the week that, despite living pretty much within walking distance (a good walk, granted, but walkable nonetheless) of Warwick, I’ve never actually been shopping there in the day. I’ve been to the castle, and been out there in the evening, but I had not explored the delights of Warwick’s retail therapy. Dapper felt the need to correct this, so on Saturday morning we nipped down the road for a quick visit.

We only had two hours to spare, so could not see much of the town. But we did manage to visit one, fantastic antique store, where alongside amazing chinaware, books, and other antique items, there was a rather marvellous vintage clothing section. If I were rich, many amongst my acquaintance would be receiving rather lovely gifts today. I have never seen so many fabulous compacts that I would have loved to buy for Louise, for example – especially as they had a musical one in mint condition with lipstick case included.

See the red dress? Dapper and I rounded the corner, spotted this dress and immediately agreed that, if we had the cash, it would be ideal for Roisin. It’s a 1950s hand-painted silk ball dress, and at £125, a lot cheaper than anything you could buy on the high street of a similar quality.

I did make a couple of purchases – an old Ladybird edition of Chicken Licken for Kate’s collection and mystery item that I shan’t describe as I haven’t yet decided whether to keep it or give it away. (On the one hand I really want it, but there are a couple of people I think would be beyond delighted with it, and sometimes that’s worth more…) Anyway, Dapper and I have agreed to take another trip out Warwick way during the week to visit all the antique shops AND the charity shops too! So expect that post later this week!


4 thoughts on “Antiquing

  1. Firstly, thank you – what a kind thought! Secondly, this post has made me smile so much because of the sheer number of times I have gone into that antiques shop to stare at and coo over and stroke that very dress! You know your girls, Caroline! It was in the Oxfam in Warwick that I found my Hornsea teapot and I’ve picked up many vintage postcards of Myrna Loy (and K.Hepburn and Cary Grant and William Powell and Clark Gable) in the other antiques market – Warwick is such a lovely town to explore, so glad you had such a good day! x

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