Playtime with the girls

My goodness, but I have talked the last 24 hours! Talked and walked the shopping streets until my jaw and feet ache… but that’s what happens when Nat, Elena and I get together!

Having been prevented from attending my birthday by a series of very annoying and unfortunate obstacles, Elena took this weekend as an opportunity to present to me my birthday present:

Knowing how much I love pearls, and that pearls were representative of 30ths, she bought me a beautiful pearl drop necklace. And also a divine smelling Jo Malone candle – which I think is the coolest thing, if only because it comes with its own matches!

Today we window shopped in a crazy-busy Birmingham Bullring centre. It was like Christmas in there, so busy and packed out with irritating shoppers… We did not find any work shoes or new boots for Elena, but she picked out the following coat from the Topshop Tall range for me to try on.

Topshop Tall Piped Skirted Funnel Coat

It looks fairly average in the picture, and fairly average on the hanger, but worn it just looks fantastic! What’s more, it looked equally brilliant on Elena, yet like a different coat altogether- we could wear them out next to one another and no-one would notice! So, I made a note of the POS number (so that I can get one ordered in if they sell the size 14) and have cashed in some of my online survey vouchers. Hopefully they’ll arrive in plenty of time for me to purchase it before the colder weather returns!


3 thoughts on “Playtime with the girls

  1. I actually think that coat looks gorgeous in the photo, so I’d imagine it will be stunning on: I can actually imagine you in it (in a non-creepy, I-am-not-a-stalker kinda way, obviously…) 🙂 Oh, and Miss S have some black Victoriana-style boots that would be just lovely with it:

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