Choring it about

I had a day of tying up loose ends today. I did have to do a bit of work, despite being on annual leave, but also managed to get some household chores done – things that have needed doing for some time.  I hung the large Venetian painting I brought back from home after my birthday – a watercolour canal scene that reflects my adoration of the city. I also hung a lovely 1930s mirror I found in a charity shop over a year ago but never before found a spot for. I went to the post office, and a few charity shops in town, and, inspired by a recent Nigella’s Kitchen recipe, bought a pork knuckle for experimentation. I finished crocheting my rainbow lap blanket, now hanging proudly over the sofa back for use on cooler evenings. Via the internet, I also learned how to crochet flowers, and I changed the buttons and began to hem my fur-collared coat.

Golly – reading back over that even I am surprised by how much I got done!

Tomorrow, Dapper and I are going back to Warwick, then out dancing! So don’t expect to hear much from me until I’m back back chez moi on Sunday evening. Have a great week/end, one and all!


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