Coat Cravings: 1923 Wallis Heritage

This advertisment landed in my inbox this morning:

1923 Wallis Heritage

Y’all know I can’t resist a good vintage inspired piece, nor a beautiful coat: it’s as if Wallis have targeted me personally with this little number!

Of course, I clicked through to look, and found myself torn between the less practical but BEAUTIFUL 1948 Red Bow Back Skirted Coat and the absolutely stunningly gorgeous 1938 Pintuck Crepe Coat – very much inkeeping with the wartime look I’m so fond of.

1923 Collection coats, Β£120 each from Wallis Heritage

Which would you choose? Or perhaps you’d choose another from the collection altogether?


13 thoughts on “Coat Cravings: 1923 Wallis Heritage

  1. Well I firstly think it’s very mean of Wallis to even send you such an e-mail – that would’ve devestated my bank balance!

    I personally love pintuck black coat, as I think a belted coat works wonders for creating a vintage shape and of course, you can’t go wrong with black. Saying that, I think the colour of skirted coat would look so stunning on you!

    So to sum up – I am of no use at all as I love them both πŸ˜€

    A x

    • I’m definitely leaning towards the pintuck black, as the shoulders would suit me – balance out my hips to create the hourglass. And I love the skirt on it! Yup, if my Topshop beauty has sold out I’ll probs be splashing my vouchers on the 1938 number…

      And while red is fabulous, it’s far less practical!


  2. In an ideal world (ie one where I am disgustingly rich) I would honestly buy both of those little beauties. They’re beautiful! I saw these in a magazine supplement at my Mum’s on Sunday and we cooed over them ourselves. I also love the pictures of the coats and the models themselves!

    While they’re not my thing, I also think the camel cape could look fabulous on the right person.

    • Agreed – can see Lauren in the cape, with wide leg trousers and heels. I think you’d look gorgeous in either of these, by the way – so if you do happen to win the lottery this weekend I definitely support you buying both… πŸ™‚

      The pictures are divinely stylised too, aren’t they?!


      • Oh, to win the lottery….I would be purchasing all sorts of wonderful coats, dresses, shoes – all the things I’ve ever wanted!

        I can see what you mean about the shoulders on the black coat actually – very flattering. I do think the covered buttons on the red one are very beautiful though, and that sweet little collar….*sigh*

  3. I would have to go for both if I had the money. I have the lovely Topshop coat as of yesterday, it was sold out online, but luckily the Leamington shop had the right size. Having tried it on I realised that I would be really sad if I didn’t buy it, even though I cant really afford it. At least I actually needed a coat so I don’t feel too bad.

      • No size 14 in the Leamington shop, Paul went for me and I think he said they had an 8 and the 12 he got for me. I also know there is no 14 in the Rugby shop they only had 8 and 10.

        I hope you get to find the perfect coat, I feel bad having the Topshop coat when you don’t as I wouldn’t have found out about it without your blog!

        • Ahh, but if it was in your size it was meant to be yours!! I got arcadia vouchers rather than Topshop, so at least if they haven’t got in it anywhere I know I can put the vouchers towards this one from Wallis, or potentially the lovely Miss Selfridge Victoriana boots if no coats are forthcoming… What will be will be, if I’m meant to have it I will! πŸ˜€

  4. Add me to the list of those who vote for both. πŸ˜‰ I think if I was forced to choose just one, I’d go for the black because it seems more unusual & unique than the red. Also, I can’t tell from the photo, but it looks like the red doesn’t have pockets.

    • Oooh – pockets! Good call! I never think about the importance of pockets until I don’t have them!

      I think the black is growing on me the more I look at them side by side… I’m starting to think it’s a bit more grown-up and sophisticated than the red too. πŸ™‚

  5. Red red red all the way for me; love the big button detail and the cute collar. But the black 1938 has unusual detail, and the white 1958 is a lovely shape *considers applying for huge overdraft*! x

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