Mary Mary

This dress always invites comment – largely because the pattern falls somewhere between unusual and controversial, dependent on the audience. Well, as someone commented in the kitchen at lunchtime, it’s not every day you see someone walking around covered in multiple Marias…

Even when controversial, though, the overall reaction tends to be positive. Which I’m very pleased about, as I’m a big fan of this particular dress – the fit is brilliant AND it’s comfortable to boot!

Nothing to report today I’m afraid. Busy busy busy at work – not a moment to spare – and having problems with public transport as per usual… But I’ll be back to getting lifts with Clare next week, which will be more relaxing. Less standing around in the increasingly bitter cold, at least!


3 thoughts on “Mary Mary

  1. They still look like radioactive glowing baby bottles to me…but maybe it’s the lack of sleep that’s to blame for that. Someone at my house up all hours wanting a bottle.

  2. That’s the dress that led me to your blog in the first place. I was just about to order a Get Cutie skirt and Googled around to see what folk were saying about the make.

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