Bitter sweet

I have no idea what face I’m pulling in this picture – I woke up with a headache so was expecting to look rough here, but actually I just look smug! If you look closely you’ll see I’m wearing my beautiful pearl drop necklace that Elena bought for my 30th. You can’t see, but the chain on this is just beautiful!

Yes, it’s Friday once more, and as per usual I’m off to Dapper’s for the weekend… Only this time we don’t have to dash off to Waterstones on Sunday morning! I can’t wait for that Sunday lie in!

Otherwise, we’ve a nice weekend planned – including watching local fireworks to celebrate Bonfire Night this evening and a Persian meal with some of Dapper’s friends tomorrow. For which I might wear my new Fever dress – if I’m feeling slim enough!

I leave you with a picture of the lemon drizzle cake with fresh whipped vanilla cream and lemon curd filling that I made for my colleague Laura’s birthday. Just to set your mouth watering…


One thought on “Bitter sweet

  1. How can you put your hair up with a headache? That’d make me feel worse. Cake looks delightful, I want to try a lemon drizzle cake myself this weekend. Enjoy your lie in xx

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