The Protective Vibe

A conversation we had on Saturday night (blog post to follow tomorrow morning) resulted in my researching jewelery and other items featuring protection from the Evil Eye today. My colleague, Charlie, has a beautiful, tiny, delicate necklace which I’ve long admired, but the closest I could find on Etsy at least was £300! So, I moved on to less traditional, but still delightful accessories such as these:

Round Evil Eye pin: $2.50 from FloweredSkybeads
– discrete but effective – and such a lovely tone of blue!

Gold, orange and blue evil eye bracelet with dragonfly: $28 from FloweredSky

Ivory felt snowflakes with evil eye bead bobby pins: $6 from MissGlory

Swarovski Teardrop sterling silver necklace: $65 from petracollection
– how pretty is this one!

And then I stumbled across this absolute gem of a necklace:

Steampunk Green Evil Eye, $50 from NixCreations
I don’t think this would actually do the job in question – but my goodness it’s pretty!

A little further research revealed that amber, my gem of choice, is also traditionally worn to protect against the evil eye… so don’t be surprised if you see me sporting my amber necklaces a little more often in the near future! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Protective Vibe

  1. I used to be very much into crystals and crystal healing, you should look up clear quartz also but be careful as, if like me, you are sensitive to such things it can be somewhat overpowering.

    • Ok, I’ll have a look into that! I’ve got some rose quartz that I use to focus my energy on healing when I’m sick. I’ve also read that turquoise can be use to deflect the evil eye now, so will be pulling some of my other jewellery out! x

  2. Hon, if you want advice on gems and their metaphysical properties, I’m your gal (2 years of it and I know my stuff).

    If you want my honest opinion though, all you really need is the power of your own mind. Crystals and talismans are simply a way of focusing the mind and helping you to direct that mental focus in a way that’s positive for you.

    That said, some of that jewellery was stunning.

  3. The blue eye bead was everywhere in Istanbul, and I’m pleased to report that I picked up 2 silver pendants for around £22 whilst I was there, one of which is a perfect evil eye; its certainly a conversation starter!

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