Why why why… Delilah!

This is the dress I bought from Aspire on Thursday night – the Fever Delilah pencil dress. And it was a complete hit with Dapper, comfy to wear and made me feel great to boot! A definite win!

I have had a lovely weekend! We had a relaxing night of DVDs on Friday, and a lazy day on Saturday, only leaving the house to nip up to the hall for a spot of lunch and a cup of tea or three… Then we headed over to Birmingham for a frankly delicious Persian meal with Dapper’s friends – an utterly delightful aubergine dip starter, a lamb and chicken mixed platter main with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes, and the tastiest cardamom tea to finish. Afterwards, we went back to Marios and family’s house to share in tea – or whisky – and jabber about books, history, religion… you know, nothing too heavy! 🙂 No, seriously, it was grand – never an hour passes in Dapper’s company that I don’t learn something new, and it seems his friends are equally interesting. As I commented in the car on the way home, the accumulated knowledge in that living room was almost intimidating –  in a very positive way. It was rather like being down the Somerville on a Friday night – only more historical, rather than film-focused! I do genuinely enjoy being in the company of people I can learn from.

Today we had a lazy morning, making a point of staying in bed until the alarm told us I would have been starting work at Waterstones on previous Sundays. We then went into Solihull, with the intention of… visiting Waterstones! Because I clearly can’t get enough! (Ironically, we then ended up going to the Leamington branch too – the first week I don’t have to be at Waterstones we end up visiting two different stores in one day!) While we were in Solihull we checked out the blue version of the Laura Ashley coat, and nipped into M&S so that Dapper could check out their popular Wide Brim Top Hat, which was sadly not in stock. We also popped into a charity shop where, alongside a very high quality, excellent condition Aquascutum wool coat for £49.95 (which I didn’t buy), I found a gorgeous black velvet mutton-leg sleeved cropped jacket by Susan Small – which I did buy! And Dapper bought me this book as a surprise:

It’s a pattern cutting guide to 19th century tailoring, with measurements, hints and tips for each individual piece, as well as a guide to measuring the figure! Brilliant!

This evening I cooked and we caught up on last night’s Strictly and Pillars of the Earth. And now it’s somehow gone midnight and I ought to be in bed! So, I’ll love y’all and leave you, with a pic of me in the car on Saturday night – all dressed up in my cloche and fur collared coat:



15 thoughts on “Why why why… Delilah!

  1. That dress was made for you, you look fantastic! It’s really cheered me up seeing that you’re so happy! Long may it continue! x

  2. Oh my goodness, that dress was such a great choice – and have to agree with Adelle, it looks like it was made for you: you look so stunning in these photos!

  3. Ladies – thank you one and all! Air kisses all round! 😀

    Amber – this is the dress we decided you *technically* bought for me! 😉

    Roisin – I think a couple of party nights/cocktail evenings are calling…

    Marios – great food and great company indeed – the recipe for a successful evening!

  4. First the new dress – Ding Dong! Then the picture of you in your hat and coat – Ding Dong again. Looking stunning as always. I’m sure you would have no need to be intimidated by a room full of intelligent people, you come across as extremely intelligent yourself xx

    • Hehehe – this made me giggle (the Ding Dongs I mean!)

      And thank you – I don’t consider myself stupid by any stretch of the imagination – it’s more about the incredible depth of knowledge they share – the fluency in dozens of languages and the thorough understanding of history, philosophy, religion… I’m always impressed by people who have gone to the effort to learn a subject in such minute detail and are able to just tap into what they have learned at the drop of a hat!


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