Well heeled

I love these shoes. I bought them for £5 in the Dorothy Perkins sale, many moons ago now… And wore them to within an inch of their lives. Then they languished, unloved, in my living room, jumbled in a growing pile of similarly poorly-sick shoes and boots in need of a visit to the shoe hospital.

Until my week’s holiday, during which I finally pulled my finger out and paid a visit to the cobbler. My favourite Bertie shoes (may they rest in peace) were beyond redemption, and went into the bin on site to stop me from taking them home out of sheer pity. My knee boots needed much the same treatment, but after a 12 year relationship, I found myself unable to part on such immediate and permanent terms – so they’re sitting at the end of the bed, awaiting their fate. But on a jollier note, my brown boots were quickly resoled and are now more comfortable (and slip-proof!) than ever, and my beloved Dorothy Perkins shoes were reheeled and find themselves street-ready once again!

In other news, it was Ben’s birthday yesterday, so I am cooking for him  tonight – toad in the hole with mash, and damson balsamic gravy, which is simmering on the hob as I type! Hearty food to warm him through, build him up and get him winter-ready – that’s what big sisters are for, right? 😀


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