Deceptive style

Preen Line Elsa silk-satin and jersey dress: £410

Look at this dress. Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL? Doesn’t the shape look amazing, the cut, so flattering, the drape, to die for? Stunning.

Now look at the same dress, but this time on a real live human woman model-type.

How disappointing is that?!? It’s about 3 sizes too big on her, for one thing. But all the beauty of the cut and drape, the frill of the hem, the fit and the flare – they’re gone! It’s suddenly a shapeless shift with a belt to create the effect of a waist.

It makes me wonder whether, in the right size, this dress is particularly unflattering, so they opted for the oversized version as the lesser of two evils.

It’s such a shame: But on the bright side, I couldn’t afford it either way!


One thought on “Deceptive style

  1. Wow – no kidding! The hem on the modeled dress is all wrong, too. Way too short for comfort (at least, *my* comfort) – whereas the non-modeled version looks more modest, even, and pretty.

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