Letting go…

Winter is truly here now – Clare had to scrape the ice from her windscreen this morning, and I’ve started to layer up my clothes to trap the warmth…

Nope, not checking out my own cleavage, despite appearances…

A couple of detail shots for you today: two because I thought you might like to see my lovely 60s cardigan clips up close and personal-like, the other because, well, y’know, shoes. They’re Berties, they’re beautiful, and they were a bargain – about £8.50 on ebay if I recall accurately. I love the style so very much; they have real vintage appeal…

But they’re completely impractical.

You may have noticed, I’ve worn them all of twice now. The last time was about a year ago – because that’s how long it took me to forget just how uncomfortable they are. They are also most definitely an autumn/winter shoe – black velvet and all – but not remotely suited to autumn/winter weather. Perhaps they should be saved for evening wear?

Or perhaps they shouldn’t be saved at all… perhaps I should ebay them and let someone less heavy on their feet (and therefore less likely to suffer ball-cramp) enjoy them. Am I being selfish by clinging on to them when they could be out partying elsewhere??

Should I let the shoes go?


6 thoughts on “Letting go…

  1. Love this layered look! And those cardigan clips are darling.

    As for the shoes… never mind all the shoulds, what’s the ‘wanna’? If you’re just not feeling them or are avoiding wearing them even when they’d work because you don’t like wearing ’em, get rid. But if you love ’em in spite of their problems and can cope with the occasional uncomfy day, hang onto them.

  2. These shoes are my favourites, and the first item I remember seeing on your blog. You should keep them (unless they happen to be my in size of course…). If they are mainly uncomfortable to walk in, can you carry them to parties and only wear them there?

    Thank you for writing your blog, especially for formatting it to read on my phone, which makes my commute entertaining. I read along frequently and have done so for years (!) now, but commenting makes me feel like a stalker, and I do not have a blog of my own to link to in return as some sort of more formal introduction.

  3. Cie, those shoes are gorgeous! I can’t bear it when something I love just doesn’t quite work for me because of style or fit. I have some incredible mint green peep toes, complete with bow that I simply adore but have somehow become too big for me 😦 It’s a travesty I tell you but I can’t quite bring myself to part with them just yet!

    Saying that – should you decide to Ebay these beauties and they are of course a size 7 or a 6 then please give me a shout, as I will gladly relieve you of their vintage joy!

    A x

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