You know you’re a cheapskate when…

…You look at last night’s washing up, weigh up doing it now vs later and decide to leave it as a way to warm up when you start to get cold again. Y’know, rather than turn on the heating

Working from home today, so slobwear abounds: comfy overall with cosy as the central theme, layers and knitwear, and all that jazz…

The nicest thing about working from home is the fact that, by early afternoon, my simple presence has already warmed the flat through. It really takes the chill off for the evening, making it a much more pleasant place to relax.

I’ve been absolutely hectic of late, so if you’ve emailed me and not heard back, or if you’ve texted and received no reply, please don’t take offense. I still love you, I’m just spread seriously thin just now.


2 thoughts on “You know you’re a cheapskate when…

  1. I like your plans to save spending on fuel bills, it’s not being a cheapskate….it’s being economical!! Besides, we have far to many other things to spend money on than boring heating!!

    I try to hold off on the heating but my hubby starts complaining when I tell him to put another jumper on!

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