Four days later…

Sorry, everyone – a four day absence makes me a terrible blogger, I know… but things are just so hectic at the moment – I am still hoping they’ll calm down a little after Christmas…

So, yes, this is Friday’s outfit shot (and no, I couldn’t decide which to go with so you got all three) and yes, I did get changed before I went out and take a photo, but have completely failed to upload the evidence, so you can look forward to that one another time…

We met the usual suspects at the pub on Friday, which was lovely as always, and gave me the chance to have a jolly good moan about life, the universe and everything… Then on Saturday morning we met my Mum in the Soup Kitchen in Stafford for brunch (or lunch, by the time we’d negotiated the traffic!) before hopping into St Chads church (fascinating 11th century church with fabulous stone carvings featuring eerie animale heads, traditional serpents and the Green Man in places – well worth a visit, if just for the oddness of it all!) and then into the Ancient High House. Unfortunately we ran short of time, so Dapper had to forgo the Yeomanry museum on the top floor as we were due to visit his friends for a delicious gammon dinner and Strictly Come Dancing! The upshot of this will surely be a return visit, to finish the tour…

And on Sunday we had a rest day: which roughly translates as Dapper did his Gaelic homework while I watched old movies fell asleep on the sofa. Because, as the Sugarhouse at Lancaster University reminded us every Saturday night during my undergrad, Sunday’s for sleeping!


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