Winter arrives

Our way in to Oxford this morning was lit by the most spectacular winter sunrise. The sun was like a blazing ball of fire (funny that!) on the horizon, tinging a silver-white morning of mist and frost with golden rays. Magnificent!

It is most definitely winter now though – the car park view from my office window (I know – how delightful!) was bathed in a stark winter light all day, and it was gone noon before the mist finally lifted. Most of the trees are bare or nearly bare, and I needed my gloves when I went to the shop at lunch. And as I waited on the corner for Clare this morning, kicking through my usual drift of leaves, I noticed that they all carried a thick crust of glittering frost . They proved satisfyingly crunchy against the toe of my boot!

I spent lunchtime today trawling charity shops in search of cheap lambswool to felt in the washing machine. I found a few jumpers, and chose one for now, not wanting to overstock on materials for a project that might go awry. I’m keeping schtum about the project itself, incidentally, as it might turn into Christmas gifts for people who read this blog…


2 thoughts on “Winter arrives

  1. Oooh, you’re well organised thinking of Christmas presents already. I keep meaning to buy the ingredients for my Christmas cake and forgetting each time… I’m worried that I’m going to end up leaving it too late. xx

  2. It certainly was cold this morning – I woke to the sound of someone scraping ice off their car outside. It was a beautiful crisp afternoon though, I do like this time of year 🙂

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