On the way to work in zero degrees and freezing fog this morning, I was disturbed to hear a popping sound from the rear of the car. This was immediately followed by strange grating and rumbling noises, as if we were driving at 70 mph over potholes rather than over smooth tarmac. I alerted Clare to the strangeness of the situation, and we turned off the radio to better hear. As we puzzled over what the noise could be we suddenly became aware that other drivers were frantically waving us over…

Yup, it was the back passenger-side tyre. Resulting in our spending the next hour standing about in the zero-degree freezing fog, awaiting rescue.

Unfortunately, when our knight in shining armour did finally show up, there was less of the armour and more of the dirty orange overalls about him. He grunted a bit, rooted around in the car trying to find the key to release the burst tyre, changed it for the spare tyre from the boot (why do spare tires come with a maximum recommended speed of 50 mph – can someone explain the logic of that to me please?) and sent us on our merry way with strict instructions to come off at the next exit and go no faster than 50 under any circumstances. By this point, having no feeling beyond my heels, I was absolutely convinced I’d be needing both feet amputated at the arch, and possibly likely to lose all my fingers too…

I don’t deal well with the cold.


13 thoughts on “Bursted

  1. Oh, ugh, what a start to the day – you poor things! I had something similar happen on the way back from an evening away and had a charming hour or so hanging around at the side of the A46. Traffic is even more dull when you’re just watching it rather than being a part of it, isn’t it?

    At least you looked awesome, though – that skirt is *gorgeous*!

  2. Mr Engineer (sat next to me) tells me that it’s 50mph because some spare tyres are space saver tyres, rather than proper full size bad boys, and so they’re not designed to be used at speeds in excess of 50mph. So there you are, you learn something new every day!

    (This would not help if I was driving. I would just be annoyed at having to do 50mph after freezing my bum off on the side of the road)

  3. Definitely no fun on a freezing cold morning. But why, oh why, have you used the American spelling of tyre?! (Sorry to be such a pedant but, coming from someone who is usually so English, it just looks wrong!)

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