Brief hiatus

I know, I’ve been keeping you hanging on for a few days now… my excuse – or reason, as I prefer to think of it – is that I have been ill AGAIN. So, on top of the extraordinary workload I’ve been staggering beneath of late, I’m now suffering the repeat affliction of acute sinusitis. And while I know y’all miss me, I’m sure you’ll understand that the thought of blogging kinda pales into insignificance when, feeling this way, crawling into a bed is an option!

Go ahead, call me names – I can take it. 🙂 But I decided earlier this year that my health was not worth sacrificing for the sake of work OR play, so I’m afraid I stand by my choices…

Nah, seriously, normal service will resume very shortly. I even felt up to taking an outfit shot this morning, so you’ve that to look forward to after the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Brief hiatus

  1. Dude! You poor thing! You know you have my full sympathies with the whole sinusitis thing, it makes me utterly miserable. The blocked nose I’m not so fussed by, but the chronic pain in my neck/head and face is a whole other ballgame.

    I do recommend trying your Doctor again – I’m on Nasonex for the rest of my life due to chronic sinusitis, and while I don’t necessarily like having to take medication forevermore, it means I never have a whiff of trouble with the dreaded sinuses. Also – NEVER use anything with any kind of menthol ingredient when you have sinusitis – it actually makes it worse.

    Lots of love xxx

  2. Get well soon hun! I used to suffer sinusitis and when I was run down/busy/stressed it would knock me right out again.
    I agree with Carys……do to the doctors, get the drugs that worked for you before and you’ll be back on the road to recovery again…..xxxxx

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