70s Geometric

I love the way this dress photographs, I love the fit and the pattern and the way that it hangs… what I do not like is the fabric. It’s a nasty 70s polyester and makes everything in its wake really static. I wish I could transform the fabulous graphic print into a lovely heavyweight cotton or patterned cord…

It probably wouldn’t be as toasty warm though.

I was expecting some serious cold to hit me when I left this morning,what with how cold my flat felt first thing, and all the talk of snow on the radio. I wrapped up in my gloves and wrist-warmers and scarf, and even contemplated a hat, only to be hit by, well, not warmth as such, but not even enough of a chill to frost up the car windscreen. I quickly found myself gasping for a cool breeze in the car – it was stifling!

I’ve written you a blog post about our trip to Hanbury for tomorrow, so if you stopped by for that one just now, check by again after 10.30am in the morning and I promise not to disappoint you!


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