Historic Hanbury

Finally, I hear you say, finally we get to hear about Saturday’s jaunt! I do hope you’re not seriously disappointed by this post, after all the build up…

So, yes, on Saturday we had a little trip out to Hanbury in Worcestershire. We began our day meeting Dapper’s friends at Hanbury Hall, a National Trust property, “William-and-Mary” style house dating back to 1701. Only the downstairs of the house is open at this time of year, so we had a mini tour of the withdrawing and dining rooms, and a brief wander around the grounds in the chill wind. The Vernon family (the halls’ former inhabitants) were a fascinating family whose fortunes varied widely over the 250-odd years they were in possession, and the house was therefore passed from spouse to spouse, cousin to cousin – and at one point, from housemaid-turned-companion to estranged wife, as if it were the unfortunate eating establishment in a modern-day soap opera! It’s therefore a very interesting story to listen to, should you ever be in the area and considering a visit.

After the hall we made our way down the the Jinney Ring restaurant and craft centre, where, alongside a hearty lunch complete with bread and buter pudding and custard (NOM!) we were able to enjoy crafts varying from glassblowing to wood-carving, felting to pottery, instrument-making to milinery, and more besides! The lovely thing about this centre is the fact that the actual sales areas are relatively small, and more a sideline to the workshops within which the craftsmen are openly practising their arts. It is marvellous to watch a potter throwing a bowl, whilst surrounded by her wares. We did buy some delightful treats from the Chocolate Deli (including some DIVINE violet fondants – my favourites) and I bought a pack of unspun wool with which to try my hand at traditional felting.

After lunch and some browsing we piled into the cars and drove up the hill to the nearby medieval church, Saint Mary The Virgin. It was a bleak day and the view from the top was likewise bleak and gothic – more akin to the Yorkshire moors than Worcestershire countryside. Still, it was very pretty church with some marvelous old gravestones to offer, made all the more eerie by the chill wind and failing light.

A Vernon Family tomb

A grand day out – followed by a night in with tea, chocolate and Strictly – you can’t beat it!


22 thoughts on “Historic Hanbury

      • Absolutely! I have four – all for different purposes and occasions. You can never have too many. With the cape, it just looks so warm and wintry, and a little bit festive – in a good way!

    • I sent the pics through on Sunday and he did approve!

      How did your photos come out? None of mine inside the church were any good, except perhaps a couple of stained glass window shots. But you have a much better camera than I do – and Dapper was saying I should ask you about photography. 🙂

      • Yeah, I didn’t bother with indoor shots too much, as the light was non-existent by that time. The outdoor ones were nice enough, like yours, very atmospheric. To have a chance of meaningful photography indoors with such light conditions you need a tripod or somewhere to put it to let it take in all the light it needs-that means more time, so it can’t be done by hand because of the shake. My camera is old and entry level to boot, but it’s good enough for what I want I guess…I only uploaded a couple of photos, you can see them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marios_h/

        • The violins picture is fabulous! See, my battered old point-and-click wouldn’t even have picked up the reflection properly.

          The only ones of mine that came out – the stained glass ones – I found a surface to balance the camera on to eliminate the shake factor. And even they are more than a little blurry.

          I’d like to invest, perhaps, in a camera that would allow me to shift focus – particularly when I’m photographing my craft projects, I think it could prove very useful!

        • The trick is to set your camera on timer, no flash, and then just let it sit somewhere. Like that you don’t even get any camera shake when you press the button. Depending on your camera, it might take a while to actually take the photo, could be 5-10 seconds, but it might be worth it.

  1. *proud Worcestershire girl moment*

    That church is similar the one in the village I grew up in, where I was christened. We also have a castle (technically more of a house). Awful lot of sandstone in Worcs!

    • Oooh – you’ll have to let me know where! It’s a nice easy jaunt across the Worcestershire border from Dapper’s, and we’re always looking for excursions! 🙂 x

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