Head to toe

I am entirely secondhand clad today (except for my underwear, which I’m funny about being new) in a look built around yesterday lunchtime’s impulse purchase, a vintage 70s A-line skirt. This is the second patterned velvet skirt in my collection, equally rich in tone, dense in weave (true heavy cotton velvet) and beautifully made, and although it wasn’t as cheap as my 50p sale rail buy, at £4 I hardly feel it broke the bank! I do love these 70s heavy-weight velvets – so soft, so comfortable and incredibly flattering. And the colours are so vibrant, it always draws compliments!

Here in the UK the snow began to hit today, and only comfort food will do. One of my favourite comfort foods has to be piping hot fish pie, rich and creamy and thick with mash!

It’s also prime weather for wrapping up in blankets. While reading and watching TV allow for the fully-wrapped up marshmallow look, when I’m crafting I need a hands-free number. This is where the lap blanket comes into play.

I made my rainbow blanket as a means of using up endless single balls of coloured wool bought to make skirts for my fairies several years back. I simply crocheted it in the round to make a dense and very warm circular throw. It has already earned its keep, and using up the wool has allowed me the room to store some more recent crafting buys…


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