Hale and Hearty

I have made an effort, this week, to be a bit healthier in my eating than of late. The sinusitis aside, (or, I suspect, because of said infection) I’ve had some very painful mouth ulcers (including on on my tongue – yeouchy!) and have been feel generally worn out and a bit stodgy, both in brain and waistline. So, on Monday I braved the supermarket and stocked up on fish and fresh fruit and veg, before whipping up a tasty store-cupboard soup for my lunches. Soup is such a brilliant warmer when the weather hits the negatives, and an easy way to get an assortment of vitamin-rich foodstuffs into your daily diet.

As I said, this is “storecupboard soup”, made entirely from items out of the store cupboard. In this case it was a jar of sweet pimento peppers, a tin of tomatoes, a can of chick peas and a small mugfull of lentils, brought together with vegetable stock and garnished with a 10p packet of coriander from the reduced shelf. I did start the base with a red onion (no fat though – there’s really no need) but skipped on my usual addition of chillis as I suspected the peppers would add sufficient heat to the dish. I was right, and the result is a fragrant and hearty lunchtime treat.

It will shock no-one to hear I’m off to Dapper’s for the weekend. No exciting jaunts planned (though I’m hoping for walking over snowy fields…) but we are going to a social dance on Saturday night, so you might get the odd photo!

I leave you with thoughts of snow – Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!


3 thoughts on “Hale and Hearty

  1. Soup is my absolute favourite lunch choice – and I’ve found plenty I love, and I made an excellent Butternut Squash one recently, but I lament the loss of my Grandma’s Boxing Day soup.

    As her brain isn’t what it was, we’ve never ascertained exactly what the recipe for it is (she was a cook in a beautiful manor house – so she didn’t really do cookbook recipes). Honestly, it was beautiful. Carrots, cabbage, pearl barley, leftover turkey, peas…I have never found a soup that tastes anything like it. Absolutely stunning, and as healthy as you like. So I’m with you when it comes to the warming health benefits of soup!

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