Blue Monday

Outfit shots: Friday’s cosy clobber,
Saturday’s walking gear and Saturday night’s dancing dress!
Embarrassingly, within feet of the front door of the dance hall, the elastic in my underskirt gave up entirely and dropped around my ankles – you can see plainly from this picture that it had already started it’s descent before we left… Thankfully, no-one was about to see it fall!

(“Blue Monday”, NOT, I should point out, because I’ve got the blues, but simply because I feel blue with cold!)

We awoke on Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow – the first we’ve had here in the West Midlands. I couldn’t get warm in the house, so, after much layering up, we braved the weather to go for a “short” walk.

I say “short”, because it is, on a relative scale – the longer walks around about taking anywhere between 2 and 6 hours. It’s about an hour long (ok, 40 mins when Dapper walks it, rising to an hour when I’ve insisted on bringing my camera!) and forges a lovely route through fields, along the canal and past the beautiful grounds of the Whale Tankers premises, set in their “160 acres of woodlands and wetlands”.

Whale Tankers are an old-fashioned, benevolent company, who have become known locally for keeping both their employees and their environment at the heart of their business. To this end, their grounds include a lake with picnic areas and a “fort” that employees can visit with their families on weekends, and plaques to celebrate the dedication of their longer-standing employees.

As we walked homewards the sun was just starting on its descent, amplifying all those lovely autumn shades against the stark silver-white of the frosted snow. Lovely!



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