Giving in

This has been a week of admitting defeat for me so far. On Sunday night, having watched goggle-eyed as Countryfile predicted temperatures touching the negative double figures by the end of the week, I finally cleared the books and junk off my storage heater and switched that baby on. First thing this morning I had to admit that my shiny-but-slippery black Victoriana boots would not cut it in the snow, and gave in to the inevitable, cosy snow maidens. And mid-morning, having suffered on for almost three weeks, I finally gave in to the fact that this sinusitis is NOT going to clear itself, and phoned the Drs again to insist on being prescribed the killer antibiotics. Which means a delightful week of being extra-senstive to sunlight (hmmmm- might not be a problem…) and unable to hold down solids (crash diet, just in time for party season!) whilst generally feeling nauseated, exhausted, achey and generally crap. See, the reason I avoid the pills is that the side effects are actually almost as bad as the sinusitis itself… But at least they come with an end-date in view.

In other news, I wasn’t going to mention dressember, as I don’t think it offers too great a challenge for me personally, but then I added in the snow factor and realised it might just prove trickier than I expected. Particularly as we’re off to see my baby brother in Glasgow at the end of next week, where layers of tights, jeans etc are practically a must in summer! So, I’ll be participating in the Dressember challenge too – just for fun and kicks. If you’d like to make a donation to a good cause in the name of dressember, stop on over at A Typical Atypical and support Lauren’s chosen charity: she’s far more trouser-friendly than I, and as such, undertaking more of a challenge.


6 thoughts on “Giving in

  1. It’s perfectly possible to do the Scottish winter in skirts/dresses – just takes opaque tights and knee high boots!

    Would you have an hour or two spare while you’re in Glasgow for lunch/coffee? We could come through… Quite understand if every spare second is taken up with family!

    • Ooh, let me speak to the brothers and see if that could work out… assuming, of course that the weather is sorted – I heard on the radio this morning that the trains between Glasgow and Edinburgh aren’t running?! It would be brilliant to see you though! xx

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