Making copy

Layers, layers, layers – that’s what it’s all about right now!
It wasn’t until after I’d taken outfit shots that I realised my other set of vintage sweater guards/cardigan clips, courtesy of my Nat for my birthday, would be PERFECT with this outfit, so they were a later addition to the look:

We had copy writing training today, led by Marketability‘s director, Rachel Maund. I’ve been a fan of the excellent enewsletters Rachel sends out for some time, and I know I’m not the only one of our team to have found the day both motivating and inspiring, despite having been stressed to the eyeballs by the volume of regular work I needed to fit around it. I came out buzzing with ideas and on a bit of a high – usually a sign of a successful session! I highly recommend Rachel’s courses if you’re a copywriter with a publishing or education bent in the London or Oxford environs, and joining her mailing list if not.

Right now I’m off to the sew make believe felt Christmas decorations workshop – assuming enough of our members can get here through the snow and ice!


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