Pinkish-purple: dressember day 6

A couple of months ago you may recall me having fallen in love with a Topshop coat, and having announced that I would be requesting that some of my survey points be converted to Arcadia vouchers in order that I might purchase said coat. And then you heard no more about it. This is because, by the time the vouchers came through, the coat was no longer available in store OR on the website. So, I have been wandering around with Arcadia vouchers burning a hole in my pocket, saving them just in case I saw another coat that I couldn’t say no to…

And then, lo, the day came upon which something good happened (details later!) and I didn’t need any more new coats. And I happened to note that Dotty P’s were offering a 20% discount, and this dress somehow ended up in my possession…

It was a good day!

And then the world was no longer heavy with ice outside my flat, and the earth did warm enough that peep toe shoes (with tights) became a viable option once again. And I cried to the heavens, “I shall venture forth into this newly-warmed world of but -2 centigrade in my comfy, grippy Foot Glove birthday shoes!” And I did don my Foot Gloves and verily did I not slip, not even when the snows came down upon Oxford City. And the world did rejoice to see mine ankles once again.

Or something. I may have got into the Christmas spirit just a little too early, following our first company/department Christmas lunch today, at The Fishes restaurant, Oxford. I had mussels in parsley cream sauce (NOM) followed by onglet steak with bubble and squeak and a soft-boiled egg (NOM NOM) and found myself too full for pudding! It was indeed a good day.


3 thoughts on “Pinkish-purple: dressember day 6

  1. I looooooove the colour of your dress and tights! As for the gloves – well, whoever purchased those has impeccable taste *grin* xxx

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