Secret Stalking…

Ok, this dress is a little too much for office wear… but it is lovely and comfortable and surprisingly cosy and vintage and, well, makes me feel like an Austen heroine. All of which are very good things in my book.

Also, I was working from home today, so the whole office-appropriate thing was a moot point!

Speaking of the office, we are doing a super-fun Christmas thing at the moment, known as secret stalking! We each have a secret stalkee for whom we must buy little pressies and surprises and for whom we must do nice things between now and Christmas. Last week I got a poem and two snacks left on my desk, a bag of yoghurt coated raspberries (healthy snack) and a chocolate Santa (unhealthy snack), and yesterday I got a choccy umbrella!

Which, as you can see from the picture, is very very similar to my lovely red gingham umbrella! Only smaller. Also tastier – I ate it this afternoon…


6 thoughts on “Secret Stalking…

  1. That dress is fabulous and it does indeed look cosy. I really like the idea of a secret stalker, and your description makes it sound remarkably uncreepy 🙂 We have no such thing at my workplace, just endless leaving lunches….oh well!

    • We seem to get through a lot of leaving lunches and leaving cakes, considering we’re not in your situation. We also have a lot of Christmas lunches and parties this month. But this is just the marketing & sales teams, and we are lucky in that we do get on pretty well! xx

    • Thank you Rose! It’s a 70s dress I bought on ebay. I’d love to be Lizzy Bennett, but sadly think I fall all too often somewhere between a Jane and a Lydia!! 😀

  2. Ah, Lizzie Bennett, eat your heart out 🙂

    I think it’s lovely that you all buy each other dinky little gifts, but I think doing nice things for your someone in your workplace is a lovely idea – there isn’t enough niceness in the world!

    I don’t think people at my workplace don’t get on with each other well enough to want to buy each other presents unfortunately…a bit sad really?! Although I did buy a babygro for a lady who went on maternity leave recently – we’re not all gits!

    • I must confess, I hadn’t realised at first that pressies would be a part of it, it having been explained to me as making your colleague’s life as simple and pleasant as possible between now and Christmas Eve. Which I think is equally nice as an idea – keeping someone in hot tea, for example, and trying to field their workload where possible… The snacks and gifts are a very welcome addition though! 😀 xx

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