Dressember day #9

Well, today has been hectic and stressful and disappointing all rolled up into one exhausting package. You see, my middle brother, Ben, and I were due up to Glasgow tomorrow to visit my youngest brother, Bobby. Right up to yesterday I suppose I was in denial about the weather, but by this morning I was starting to panic about the potential hazard driving up to the great white north country might equal. I started to monitor the BBC travel and weather, searching for a glimmer of hope amongst the bad news… Yes, temperatures were predicted to hit highs of 8C at 9am this morning, but by lunchtime that had dropped to 5C… Yes, there was a thaw on – but actually, that meant sheet ice as the melted snow froze again overnight… Yes, they had reopened the motorways! But the police were sending out statements urging people not to take this as a reason to travel unless absolutely essential. Every hope was dashed as soon as my grubby little hands metaphorically grabbed at it.

But, the plan was still in place to go to my Mum’s tonight… until the traffic got involved. An accident on the A34 and another on the M40 delayed my arrival home until 7pm. At this point the travel news was informing us of major delays on the M42 from junction 3a to 5, and the M6 from junction 4 to 6, so Ben made the executive – and very sensible – decision not to go anywhere. Which was simultaneously guttingly disappointing and something of a relief. Mixed emotions, see?

Anyway, enough of that. Last night we went out for my Christmas present from Ben, to see the AWESOME Tim Minchin. Speaking of mixed emotions, that funny little genius ginger pixie sends his audience reeling from gut-busting laughter to political outrage to tear-jerking sentimentality in the splittest of seconds! He was amazing, as always, as were his full symphony orcheastra – I highly recommend his new tour, and as last night was opening night, it can only get better!!

My fave Minchin comedy song:

And my favourite Tim Minchin semi-sensible song:

And finally, a couple of weather pictures – the ice on the canal in central Birmingham last night, and the swirling icy mists that continually ruined my attempts at photography!



One thought on “Dressember day #9

  1. God, it sounds like you’ve really been through it today! I’m sorry things haven’t panned out the way you thought – I think the thing is your body hasn’t got a clue what’s going on when you feel that mix of relief and sadness, it always makes my arms and stomach really sore, weirdly. Hope you’re alright darling!

    Also, Scotland’s petrol stations are suffering, which combined with the weather….better to be safe than sorry, even if it isn’t what had been planned. Sniff! xxx

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