Dressember day #13

So, another Monday comes around! I’m not entirely sure what happened to this weekend – Ben dropped me at Dapper’s about 10pm Friday night on our way home from Mummy’s, and the rest of the weekend flew by in a flurry of olde sweet shops, secondhand books, pork dinners and Strictly Come Dancing! On Saturday we did a spot of shopping in Knowle, where Dapper bought me a historical biography of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and her husband’s live-in mistress, Elizabeth which I can’t wait to get stuck into. Then we wandered up to the local village hall for a fish supper and a charity fund-raising quiz night – which we won!

On Sunday I rolled from the bed onto the sofa, where we watched DVDs while I made a few more Christmas gifts, and wrote Christmas cards in front of Elf while Dapper cooked an immense roast pork dinner. Then we were able to get stuck into Patrick Stewart’s marvelous Macbeth. I don’t usually like alternative takes on the tragedies – modern dress etc – but I do love hearing Patrick Stewart read Shakespeare. There’s just something about his voice:

On a disappointing note, I have to confess that I didn’t actually get dressed on Sunday, and so have no Dressember day 12 outfit to share with you!Still, I often get through two dresses in a day, which must surely make up for it?!


One thought on “Dressember day #13

  1. I freaking love Patrick Stewart, and there’s a brilliant clip of him on BBC Breakfast talking about Macbeth (refreshingly not calling it ‘The Scottish Play’ which always makes me want to boke) The people interviewing him are idiots, and his response to them is brilliant.

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