Dressember day #14 & secret santa madness!

I’m run off my feet just now, as I’m involved in no less than THREE secret santas this year, all of which end tomorrow! I made up one final gift last night, and have 2 to finish tonight… who’d have thought certain iingredients were so difficult to procure…

But I have already done very well out of my own secret santa stalker! I came in this morning to find a little angel hair scrunchie on my desk, to “make u luk prity”. And after lunch I returned to a find my work station liberally scattered with white chocolate silver coins! Which I made short work of. NOM.

Blurry phone pic – taken at work to allow me to devour the last choccy coin!

Now I truly have to dash if I’m to finish my remaining gifts in time for tomorrow’s parties. Which reminds me: don’t expect much, if anything, from me tomorrow night. I have my work Christmas party starting at lunchtime, and will be rushing home to go straight to the sew make believe Christmas party straight after. It’s all go at this time of year!


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