The ghosts of lovers past…

I know what you’re thinking… And no, I have not been reunited with my beloved coat. Instead I have been lovingly pointed in the direction of a replacement from ebay by the marvelous- and wonderful-ness-es that are Roisin and Amy. I paid Β£18 for it, it definitely is NOT my lost coat (before you ask), and it is every bit as warm, soft and delightful to wear as I remember. And, having bought the original on sale, I STILL haven’t paid full price for the privilege of wearing such a beauty – which, in my book, justifies the second purchase!


9 thoughts on “The ghosts of lovers past…

      • Plus, I know paying for something twice is a pain, but Β£18 for a cashmere coat? WIN! The one I was watching (out of curiosity, because having tried one on in the shop the size 12 was definitely too big for me) went for 3 times that amount. So, good ebay-ing all round!

        • I think it was meant to be. The coat is actually a slightly better fit than my last for some reason – the pockets lie flat whereas my others stuck out a bit from my having shoved my frozen hands in whilst stood on the platform awaiting a train in the freezing cold too often last winter! So yes, definitely good ebaying all around! πŸ˜€ xx

  1. Hooray! It looks lovely and what a bargain still for a coat that is well over Β£100 at full price – I think it’s coat fate all round πŸ˜€

    A x

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