Secret Santas

As I mentioned earlier this week, I had committed to make three secret santa gifts this year, all due to be completed for yesterday. So, as the gifts have now been presented, I can finally share with you what I made!

Firstly, for the office secret santa stalker, I had picked my desk-next-door-neighbour, Laine. As she has two kids, I wanted to do something that she could share with them over Christmas, but knowing that she likes them to eat healthily, didn’t want to bake up my usual sugar-stuffed offerings… So, I found this recipe for No Bake Brownies, printed it out with the reindeer image I’ve been using to identify all my secret santa stalking, and layered the ingredients necessary in a pretty jar, in the order they’re needed. All she need do is literally pour out the ingredients and follow the instructions, and voila: healthy treats for her and the kids to enjoy!

The second and third gifts were for sew make believe ladies. The club runs its secret santa over the course of a month, with one meeting seeing us put together a stash of fabrics and embellishments, which we then pass on to another member, who must use the provided materials (plus any additions for their own stash they wish) to make a gift for whomever they draw from the hat! Sound complicated? It’s not really, I just haven’t explained it very well…

This year, I found myself making two gifts, the first, for our sweet member Jen, being a sewing roll of sorts:

The second was a bit trickier, as I wasn’t sure that the fabric stash I’d been given was quite suited to the recipient’s taste… I made a deal with myself, that I could replace some of the less suitable fabric if I made certain to use the most bizarre element, a decorative butterfly. I added a couple of scraps from my own stash, let my creativity run wild and, voila:

Yes, it is an apple, and is for the lovely Lysy. It can be used as an oversized pin cushion, but is really just a decorative piece.

I’ll be writing a Christmas crafting round-up post after my various hand-crafted gifts have reached their new homes, but to see some of the other amazing items the sew make believe secret santas created, drop by the blog in the next few days, or visit my flickr stream!


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