Yes, I’m kinda stuck in the midddle of nowhere just now – hence no regular outfit shots. We can’t get the car up the lanes to the main roads, so I can’t really go anywhere… I could potentially walk up to the main road, yes, in the vain hope that one of the hourly local village buses came through, but even  if it did, when we checked with the trains yesterday it seemed they weren’t runnng either. Internet connnection has been intermittent to say the least, and my mobile phone is running out of battery, so I will be trying very hard to get home today. But in the meantime, this is my view. Which I’m defiitely NOT complaining about…

The weekend was a bit of an odd one to be honest – after getting stuck on a train for an hour and a half on Friday night, I arrived at the pub late and stressed. Luckily, good company soon calmed me down! Then on Saturday I dragged myself into Birmingham in the falling snow for a bit of last minute shopping with my Mum followed by drinks in celebration of Nat’s birthday. Unfortunately, by 2pm the train stations were threatening to run no further train services and the main departemnt stores, to close – so I made short work of nipping back to Moor Street to get one of the last trains back out to Solihull. Luckily, at the Soliuhull end, Dapper was able to call in a favour and have me collected by 4×4 – otherwise I’d have been truly stranded! 

So, having had my plans deccimated by the weather, I was forced to actually STOP for the first time in weeks. Which naturally meant getting ill. I spent Sunday morning in bed with a fever, being fed strange herbal remedies under layers and layers of blankets to sweat out the  “badness”. I’m still full of cold and nastiness, but no longer, I’m told, talking fevered rubbish in my dreams – which has got to be a bonus for all involved!  

I do have some beautiful photos to share when I get back to civilisation (i.e. my Mac and camera cable) but meanwhile, I hope the snow is treating the rest of you well!


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