Disappearing Act

Yeah, so, I did that annoying disappearing thing again didn’t I? I should know, by now, that December is a bad month to try to blog through. There’s just too much going on and too much potential for things to go wrong and get in the way… like Christmas, for example – that always seems to get in the way.

So, last time we “spoke” I was stranded in the middle of the West Midlands countryside with dodgy internet connection and phone signal. I was cold and irate, and the snow was showing no signs of slowing. And the end result was that I was massively behind with work, with freelance, with packing and preparation and with the endless other little bits that needed finishing up before the Christmas hols could begin. Like shaking off the horrible cold I’d developed…

The cold, didn’t shake in time for Christmas, but I did at least manage to get back to Leamington Spa in time to cadge a lift home with my lovely brother. And the following couple of weeks were spent in feeling like crap, looking miserable and annoying everyone from my Mum to Dapper with my sulky, sullen teenager impression, whilst keeping the whole house awake with a barking cough. A cough so bloody irritating that, in the middle of a particularly nasty fit one mid-night, I felt something in my belly go “ping” and was suddenly unable to straighten up without wanting to throw up with pain. A couple of days later, I was healing carefully, but still coughing horrendously, when “pop” – the same thing occured on the other side of my belly! Cue two nights curled up in a ball, trying desperately not to cough too hard and do myself any further muscular damage…

On the plus side, I woke up this morning with abs of steel!!!

Cough, cold, and sulkiness aside, there have been some lovely moments over the last couple of weeks. Christmas was the usual food-filled family affair with my Mum, which I always enjoy and look forward to. This year we’d the added delight of Sally, my parents’ new schnauzer puppy, enjoying her first family Christmas. She’s such an adorable little scamp!

I had some fabulous presents as always, and think everyone was happy with theirs in return! Dapper and I did manage one historical trip, despite me being sickly and sulky for most of the day, to the beautiful city of Lichfield. Despite it being just 15 minutes from where I grew up, I had only ever been either in a shopping capacity, or on school trips – and never had I ventured into Samuel Johnson’s birthplace! We spent far too long loitering amongst the books and seeking out locations relating to the early activities of the Bow Street Runners (the predecessors to the Peelers, the modern police force) on an oversized wall map of London (we’ve been watching a lot of TV and film about the 18th Century lately…).

Dapper bought me a gift set to commemorate the visit – a mug, tea towel, booklet of Johnson quotes, and a magnet extolling the virtues of tea! But this left us only an hour to see the Cathedral. Photography was prohibited inside, but the outside is equally spectacular, I’m sure you’ll agree. It was a misty, gloomy day, which only added weight to the eeriness of stone monarchs and apostles looming out of the fog.  I can remember sitting on the grass out front as a schoolgirl, attempting to sketch the saints, kings and queens carved over the entrance…

And then, suddenly, it was New Year, and we were thrown forward through time, into the 1950s! The evening was spent in trying to unravel The Red Rose Murders, as the bright and beautiful of 50s Hollywood battled to prove their innocence following the suspicious death of big time producer and agent, Rick Toad. Also known as: any excuse to dress up and act in (or out of!) character! As Marilyn Mansfield I was really able to go all out, and gave my siren dress and fake fur another outing. I know you’ll agree that all the girls looked marvellous!

And now it’s back to the reality of 7am commutes and a mountain of unanswered emails! Why do holidays never seem long enough?


10 thoughts on “Disappearing Act

  1. Ooh I love cathedral visits but I’ve never been to Lichfield either. Perhaps that’s one to put on my to do list. Another impressive one you may or may not have seen is Winchester. Happy new year x

    • I haven’t been to Winchester, but Dapper and I are compiling a “to visit” list which Winchester will be on. Do go to Lichfield though – it is beautiful!

      (By the way, as a cathedral fan, did you watch Pillars of the Earth? It made me feel even tinier, even more in awe of these awesome structures!)


    ::end inordinately high squeal::

    I’m so glad you’re back! And will hopefully be providing more puppy pics (right???)

  3. I did bell ringing at Lichfield Catherdral on a school trip. Which is probably one of the oddest comments I’ve made on your blog?!

    • Yes, I think that wins. In fact, let’s use that as a standard for all comments from now on – at the end of the year we’ll see whether you can claim the “oddest comment” crown! 😀 xx

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