Monday’s outfit shot – as I had Saturday’s to proffer last night.

Yesterday I brought soup into work for my lunch. Having eaten a fair amount over the weekend, (including a rather excessive portion of the amazing sausage casserole I rustled up from scraps on Sunday night) I figured I wouldn’t be too hungry, and a serving of soup would be more than enough to see me through. Boy, was I wrong.

Has anyone else noticed that, after a couple of days of eating plenty, they find themselves hungrier than ever? I ended up buying a chicken salad sandwich to accompany my soup (I was craving chicken for some reason – I crave chicken and fish quite often these days) and frankly could have eaten more if I’d had anything to hand. You’d think I was half-starved!


3 thoughts on “Munchies

  1. What he said! I had some leftover (veggie) sausage casserole for lunch just now but know that by the time I get home this evening I’m going to want something more. Luckily my lovely colleague Darren has just left a jam doughnut on my desk – hurrah!

  2. Glad I’m not the only one guys! I’m sure it’s all down to something simple, like your stomach expanding, but I still expect to be full!

    However, I am now craving doughnuts… I guess I’ll have to settle for this Wispa instead! 🙂

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