Frocking Friday

Yup, I did in fact wear the same dress on Friday and Saturday nights.
I love the cut of this dress, but not the length. So, I think I’m going
to take a pattern from it, but lengthen the skirt to the knee, perhaps
in a weightier fabric… Thoughts?

Another lovely weekend, and pretty much all without leaving the comfort of Dapper’s wee house! Friday I worked from home, which gave me the opportunity to cut the commute and therefore arrive chez Dapper at a half-decent hour. This meant a lazy Friday night watching Errol Flynn in The Sea Hawk (oh-so-much thigh-slapping, sword-clashing, privateering fun, and my goodness, what a delight he is to look at…) followed by a late supper of liver and onions with gravy and mash – one of my favourite meals and one that I don’t indulge in often enough, considering how cheap liver is to buy!

On Saturday evening we had Marios, Aysu and the wee one coming to visit, so food prep was in order throughout the day. I was in charge of cake; Dapper had bought some beautiful rump beef to roast, and prepared a delicious dinner which had us all full and happy! Aside from a walk to the local corner shop mid afternoon, we did little beyond prep (Dapper cleaned, tidied, and cooked) and relax (I stayed “out of the way” on the sofa in front of El Cid!) yet still managed to feel satisfactorily shattered by the end of the day! Great food and great company are always a successful combination. Particularly when rounded off with a glove-puppet-led rendition of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. I need no convincing to read kids’ books aloud!

And Sunday was yet another day of food and company, this time a typically gorgeous meal rustled up by Dapper’s Mum with the wider family, which would have been precluded by a walk had the weather not been utterly miserable! Sunday nights are my least favourite of the week – dragging out actually going home for as long as possible, but all the time painfully aware that that alarm is going to ring at 5.30am the next day…

Roll on Friday night!


4 thoughts on “Frocking Friday

  1. This would look great in a weightier fabric – maybe in a needlecord or a heavy-ish ponte di roma. You could also lenghthen this one by adding a band of contrasting fabric all around the hem? I love the colour on you, by the way!

  2. I love the length, I think you have nice gams and can carry off the shorter skirts once in a while. So I think making a copy is great, but don’t toss the original.

    And I totally wore the same outfit Friday and Saty. It was jeans, but still. I did the same thing!

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