Old faithful

This morning I looked into my wardrobe and felt bored. Same old same old, dresses and cardigans designed to beat the cold – I was ready for something different…

I was also running extremely late.

That was when old faithful caught my eye. I love this skirt, in part because I know just how easy it is to wear. Or, at least, how easy it is to wear in summer: in winter, the necessity for tights makes it a bit of a no-go. Thankfully it has been wonderfully mild of late (the only January in my memory I’ve ever gone out for a walk in just jeans and a rugby shirt and not been cold!) so over-the-knee socks under my knee boots were enough to keep me cosy!


2 thoughts on “Old faithful

  1. I know what you mean about sometimes lacking inspiration – I get to this point in the year and I’m fed up of having to wear layers, and trying to get the amount of layers right for going from cold outside to the hotter than the sun temperatures of our office. I get really tired of wearing tights as well! Roll on the Spring 🙂

    On another note, I like this skirt a lot, and your side plait is very fetching x

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