Yesterday, the infected tooth I’ve been staving off with antibiotics and rinses over the last 6 months developed into a massive swelling on my gum. And last night the lump burst and began leaking into my mouth. So I called the dentist, who booked me in for an emergency appointment this morning.

I was expecting to go along and be told that I needed root canal treatment, possibly an extraction, and have my next visit booked in for one distant day in the future. I was not expecting to leave 25 minutes later without my tooth.

Yup, he whipped it out on the spot: gave my teeth a quick clean while the anaesthetic took hold, and informed me that seeing as it wouldn’t be visible, and seeing as I have some overcrowding anyway, total extraction was the best option. Next thing I know I’m handing over my debit card to the receptionist, shaking slightly and feeling decidedly tearful. The next 10 minutes were the longest walk home of my life – I swear I felt so sorry for myself, I was in a regular fankle!

And now I’m sore and achey, but very hopeful. Hopeful that this will not only be the end of my tooth infections, but also of the endless throat, ear and sinus infections the last year has delivered. Hopeful that my teeth will settle now, and no longer feel tight in my jaw, that my wisdom teeth will stop biting into my cheek lining because there’s simply not room for them.

And hopeful that by tomorrow I’ll feel a little more normal – because right now I feel like utter crap.


6 thoughts on “Extracted

  1. Urgh poor you – I feel your pain. I had my wisdom tooth whipped out after an appointment I’d assumed was just to see what was up. An hour of tugging later and I left with a tear in the corner of my mouth, my mutant 5 rooted wisdom tooth out and my bank account a bit lighter ( I have a private dentist – ouch). Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

  2. Oh no, poor you… I guess it wouldn’t be much of a comfort at the time, but at least it’s over with now, and you don’t have the appointment looming in front of you. I think some comfort eating/reading/whatever is in order 🙂

  3. trust me, way better to get to it pulled (not that he can put it back in now, ha)- teeth health is SO important, in that it can affect your whole body. but hope you you feel better soon!

  4. Ouch! I’ve only ever had one tooth extracted and it made me feel extremely faint and sick. No idea what’s happening to me as I get older….I’ve had piercings (ears and nose) a fairly large tattoo and all was fine but these days I get faint at a mere whiff of any pain.

    On the plus side, yours is now all done and hopefully today you feel much better!

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