No smiles because they hurt!
Also, I’m amazed that my chipmunk face
isn’t nearly as pudgy as it feels!

I am so sore today, feeling weak and generally pathetic. The dentist did tell me I might need a few days’ rest to recover from a lower jaw molar extraction, but I did not believe him. I thought back to teenage extractions and thought I’d wake up today feeling fine…

Not so. And yet I dragged myself into the office anyway.

By lunchtime I was visibly shaking. My mouth tasted rotten and metallic and speaking, not to mention smiling, was pure agony. I needed to come home.

I did, by the way – come home I mean. I forked out for the bus and train, then spent a large chunk of the afternoon in bed. I would advise everyone to allow plenty of recovery time from oral surgery – I had no idea how traumatic it would be.


9 thoughts on “Sore

  1. Think that they recommend 1-2 weeks off for wisdom teeth extraction – that gives an idea of how much time you will need for one tooth – a good couple of days at the very very least. Remember, look after yourself!

    Is there anything you need? Soft food, a film, etc? Happy to buy it and pop it over xxx

    • Thanks hon, I stopped in at the shop on my walk back from the station, but to be frank I’m on a soft-food diet, no hot anything, so am mostly living on yoghurt and rice pudding. Both of which I bought more of this afternoon. And as for films – I’m mostly reading – and you know how wealthy I am in books!!

      Who knows, I might even get around to one of your many Murakamis! I’ve only had them, oooh – 2 years? šŸ˜€


  2. If you think about it, surgery of any kind is quite a trauma for the body to endure so I’m glad you’re being kind to yourself and taking some time to recover. And I second those offers of food, films etc but I’ll say they can be deferred until you’re better, then I’ll cook you dinner x

  3. I really feel for you – I needed 3 days off in the aftermath of a dental procedure to rid me of an abscess. Chin up – when it’s not too painful, that is x

  4. Oh, you poor thing! I think the last time I had a tooth out it happened to be a Friday and although it was completely unintentional I was rather glad of it – it really does knock you for six, doesn’t it? You take care, eh?

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