Cheerier… and some envelopes!

Yup, I’m back and I’m feeling much better. My jaw is still sore and delicate, but nothing like it was before. My body is doing that magical healing thing it does when given half a chance, and I’m therefore feeling far cheerier once again!

I spent most of last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday asleep. No, really, I did. My body’s reaction to being knocked about is to crave more downtime, and last week I was only too happy to concede defeat. When I was awake, I did a bit of crafting, although I didn’t really get round to much of that, even, until Sunday:

The envelopes were a strike of upcycling genius, if I do say so myself, and will be featuring fully on the sew make believe blog sometime very soon…

Dapper decided distraction was the best medicine, so we did have a mini-outing on Saturday… more on that at a later date though! Meanwhile I’ll leave you with a teaser shot of Jack the Ripper “Chap the Dapper” looking suitably out of time…


3 thoughts on “Cheerier… and some envelopes!

  1. So glad to hear you’re better, sweetie. And the envelopes look fab – I used to love making envelopes out of pages torn from magazines in the days when I was an avid penpal 🙂

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