I always  feel a bit Vivienne Westwood in this skirt – I think it’s the tartan and the ruffles combined… In fact, it’s from Per Una, a sales purchase a couple of years ago now.

I don’t wear it because it’s rather difficult to wear! I hang it up in the wardrobe, then pull it out at regular intervals to try on with tops of various lengths and styles… and it always ends up back in cupboard, gradually creeping towards the back. It’s one of those skirts that just looks amazing with a bra, but loses the effect with tops of any denomination…

Anyway, I ran out of time and energy this morning, so threw my cardi over, belted it and hoped for the best.

Looking at the picture, I actually quite like it!


One thought on “Vivienned

  1. That’s an *amazing* skirt! I can’t believe it’s Per Una. I like it styled like this, too – sleek black seems to really work.

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