Neeps & tatties

Tuesday was Burns Night, a celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns (see the BBC website for some lovely recorded readings of his works). It is traditional to celebrate with haggis, neeps (mashed turnips, or sometimes swedes) and tatties (mashed potatoes) with a “wee dram” of whisky. But seeing as Scottish Country Dancing usually takes place on a Thursday we shifted the celebrations a little and will be eating our fill of stuffed sheep intestines tonight instead! I’ll let you know how that goes, and, indeed, whether there’s any actual dancing accomplished after the food and drink…


2 thoughts on “Neeps & tatties

    • Thanks hon – Tesco’s best, sale purchase!!

      I love haggis, but people have a mental block, I think, with offal and anything that employs the word “intestines”. These days it’s mostly lamb mince with herbs in a plastic casing – so not as gross as people think! Mind, I love offal anyway – liver and onions,, black pudding, steak and kidney pie… Noms! x

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