Why are big snuggly jumpers so comforting? Is it the warmth, the softness?
I love this baby, even if she is starting to bobble a bit!

Sorry guys – another postless post. I’m hungry and three bean chilli isn’t going to cook itself! I’ll try to get back on form next week.


3 thoughts on “Comforting

  1. mmmm three bean chilli. That reminds me, we must sort out a time for you and Dapper to come over for dinner.

    You look lovely in that jumper, the colour suits you really well. I can’t wear chunky knits, myself. I get really claustrophobic in them, especially ones with a high neck so I’m quite envious of the people who can wear them.

  2. Love this outfit! And you can get a de-bobbling comb for a few quid from a dry-cleaners if you don’t already have one. Will make your sweater look like new again.

  3. I love snuggly jumpers, I have one that is so old and thin it isn’t really wearable anymore but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It’s too much of a friend!
    I was just thinking about chilli, that’s what we have for dinner tonight.

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