Tights please!

Last week tightsplease sent me a voucher to buy some Red or Dead tights. I chose Doris, because of the pretty patterned seam. Also, lookit:


I’m particular about tights –  being fuller figured, a lot of more expensive tights don’t stay up, create the over-stuffed sausage effect, or refuse to pull over my bottom in the first place! But these were brilliant – comfortable, stretchy and plenty big enough for my ample rear…

I recommend them!


12 thoughts on “Tights please!

  1. Love Red or Dead tights, and those ones are gorgeous. May have to see if I can acquire a pair after Frugal Feb!

    You’ve just reminded me I have a pair of the Addy ones (with grey seams) somewhere in my wardrobe. Must fish them out!

    • Lol! Sounds like a nasty condition! But is certainly something I’m familiar with… It seems to have taken a long time for retailers to realise that one size doesn’t fit all! 🙂

    • Aw, Mirabel, that is very sweet of you!

      I’m rather fond of this dress, but unfortunately it’s delicate, and needs hand-washing after every wear, so I’m often wary of wearing it…

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