Day Trip: Lincoln

Saturday’s trip consisted of a visit to Lincoln. The cathedral is absolutely stunning, and we had heard rumours of one of the four Magna Carta documents, kept in Lincoln Castle. Unfortunately we were unable to get into the castle to see it, having spent too long marvelling at the wonder that is the cathedral.

It’s impossible to convey the scale of the building in these pictures – a cathedral of such immense proportions and without pews to belittle the place. To stand in the centre and gaze upwards is to feel truly insignificant.

One of the things that provokes an emotional response in me whenever I visit a place like this is the fact that it is man-made. Almost 1000 years ago someone designed and built this, by hand, each stone shaped and carved without machine, each keystone dropped in place without our modern cranes…

The carvings, indeed,are one of the most astonishing elements of the cathedral, and they have come up with an ingenius way of preserving them. Stonemasons are trained to carve in the traditional style, and stones can be adopted in the name of a loved one, to be either restored or replaced, depending on their condition*. I’d have this fluffy wee fella!

I tried to take a photograph of the Lincoln Imp, but him being a supernatural creature, no matter how hard I tried I could not persuade my camera to focus! The Imp is said to have caused chaos in the cathedral until an Angel turned him to stone. On a similar supernatural note, can you see the ghost we spotted in this image? I’ll give you a clue: he has a beard and wears a habit…

After the cathedral we had a wander down the hill, taking in the wonderful antique, secondhand books, vintage and boutique-style shops (plus the whisky, fudge and chocolate emporiums…) en route. I want to make a return visit, perhaps with the girls in tow, perhaps with my Mum – I know so many lovely ladies who’d love the shopping there!

I believe that may be too many photos even for you, my own dear readers – but I assure you there are twice as many again I could happily share. It truly is a spectacular cathedral and well worth a visit!

*The cathedral also boasts the Wren library, which was sadly closed when we went, but through which you can adopt a rare book or manuscript. Once purchased, a book plate will be inserted with your name, which you can visit whenever you wish! For details visit


7 thoughts on “Day Trip: Lincoln

  1. Absolutely beautiful. How anyone could fail to be moved and enthralled by that I don’t know. I think I may ask Hubby to take me there very soon! (Or with the girls would be fabulous – have car, will go places!)

    • Isn’t it amazing? I find cathedrals quite emotional places, they’re so awesome (in the “awe”-inspiring sense of the word…) but the grandness of Lincoln blew me sideways. I’ve also developed a new depth of respect for their architectural structure since watching Pillars of the Earth last year! 🙂

      It would be a great place for a girly shopping trip – lots of Aspire-style boutiques, vintage shops and secondhand books…

  2. There’s something rather lovely about seeing a place so familiar to me through the fresh eyes of someone else 🙂 Wonderful photos – the cathedral (which I didn’t exactly fully appreciate when hauled round it on school trips as a child!) is an extraordinary building isn’t it? It’s awe-inspiringly impossible to grasp fully either the workload or the workmanship.

    And I do love all the quirky little shops and tea-shops on Steep Hill.

    If you ever go back there again, here’s where to find the Cheese Society cafe: It’s tiny, so there’s often a wait to be seated – best to get there on the early side of lunchtime. There’s a nice cheese counter to browse while you wait, though… And of course, if you fancy meeting up on this mythical future visit, drop me a line!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog every day and seeing your outfits, but I especially love when you post such beautiful photos and descriptions of historic places. We’ve been to Britain 3 times and keep thinking maybe we should try somewhere else, but then I see photos like these and yearn to go back. The tourist board should be paying you a stipend.

    • Thank you Emily! I must confess to being completely besotted with my fair island nation – there’s just so much history to uncover, so much to see and do – Dapper and I were commenting on the weekend that we can’t understand people who live in the UK and claim they’ve nothing to do with themselves, when we can scarce fit everything we want to do into a day!

      As for the stipend – do you think you could raise this as a proposal with the British Tourism Board?! 😀

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