For Nadia

I had written you a piece on romantic love today, but instead, allow me to write about friendship. Last week we received the sad news that our friend Nadia, one of the sew make believe ladies, had passed away. Today was the funeral, and it was nice that four of us were able to go along and represent the club and the part that she played in our lives. Nadia was so bright, so creative, so talented and so original, we all looked forward to the meetings she could attend. At our first Christmas she and I somehow ended up pulling one another’s names from the hat, and she made me the beautiful obi belt you see in the picture above.

Image borrowed from

What was clear from today’s service was the extent to which she will be missed by everyone she knew, however briefly she knew them. The chapel was filled with love for her, seen uniquely through so many different eyes. It seemed fitting that we should say goodbye on a day so connected with love, on a day on which the sun streamed through the chapel windows with such strength and on a day which unveiled, for the first time this year, the spring carpets of purple and yellow croci and white snowdrops that herald a new beginning. She will now forever be the crocus to me, bright, tenacious, determined and shining, however briefly, so very bright.


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