Day trip: Brighton

Oh dear. I have had the most ridiculously busy few days, and have been completely unable to write for you… But I plan to make up for it by sharing with you a few details of my journeys. Beginning on Friday with a day trip down to Brighton!

We have a massive annual conference coming up in April, this year held in this ultimate seaside town. And so it was that my colleague Sarah and I enjoyed a fleeting visit, for filming and photography reasons. We barely had time to stop and think if I’m honest, but we did gather lots of footage and photographs for pre-conference campaigning use, and a handful for you too!

It was FREEZING cold, and yet there were kids running about on the beach and a group of swimmers, NOT in wetsuits, braving the sea! We Brits are a hardy breed!

Fish ‘n’ chips: the seaside wouldn’t be the same without them!

I couldn’t resist the kitschy design of these marvelous bus stops – still in use today!

The Brighton Royal Pavilion was built in the late 18th/early 19th century for King George IV. During WW2 it was spared bombing as Hitler planned to use it as his HQ when he took Britain. Hmmm.

I love the layers of age in Brighton, each a Golden Era in its own right. I definitely need some time there, to explore the vintage, retro and antique shops in The Lanes, to ride the carousel and the helter skelter and eat candy floss on the pier. And to explore the pavilions, with their art and history.


One thought on “Day trip: Brighton

  1. Brighton is my favourite place to go shopping. The Lanes are great but for me the North Laines are even better for lots of vintage and interesting shops.

    It is great to be at the seaside too, though last time we went to the beach I misjudged the size of the waves and got rather wet feet!

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